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321,840 JPY

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[Special Advance Sale - Outline] ・Price: 298,000 yen (without taxes) ・Shipping: Deliveries will be carried out in order,  starting on December, 2017 [Please read] ・About shipping  This page only does deliveries to the USA.  If a non-USA address is entered as the desired  destination,the order will be cancelled automatically.  Please be aware of this when making your purchase.  In addition, to requests shipments inside of Japan,  please order through the URL below.  ⇒Japanese sale site :  こちらのページはアメリカ国内のみへの商品発送を  承っております。  希望の配送先住所にアメリカ以外の国をご選択  された場合、注文を自動的にキャンセルさせて  頂きますので、ご注意の程、よろしくお願い申し  上げます。また、日本国内への商品配送をご希望  の場合は以下URLよりご注文下さい。  ⇒日本向け販売サイト :  [Goods manufacturing/shipping/Regarding the payment period] ・Gatebox products are completely built-to-order.  There will be a waiting period between your order   and the shipment of your product. ・The shipment of the goods is scheduled for December,  2017 and onwards, however, it's possible the scheduled  date may be delayed due to special manufacturing  circumstances. ・Due to the built-to-order nature of our goods,  we do not accept the cancelling of orders, nor  the return or exchange of the articles. ・The presented picture is for illustrative purposes only.  It may slightly vary from the actual product. ・For the purpose of complete build-to-order manufacturing,  payment is made beforehand at the time of order. [Product features] ・Voice recognition feature installed. The characters  only have support for the Japanese language. ・For initialization, you will need a smartphone capable  of running the Gatebox special smartphone app. ・Gatebox can learn to recognize the remote control  signals of the common domestic telephones found in  most homes. By emitting the same signal, it is capable  of operating the installed telephone in a radius of about  3 meters.  However, there may be some special features it cannot  operate depending on specific circumstances.  A 100% control is not guaranteed. ・A 100% effective response of the voice recognition    (microphone), image recognition (camera), or sensors  is not guaranteed. ・An always-on-connection Internet will be required,  be it Wireless LAN or a wired connection. Please make sure to  prepare the proper network environment. It may be  unusable under specific circumstances of your network. [Usage circumstances] ・Gatebox is designed to be used indoors, an outdoors    environment or any other excessively bright place may  cause difficulties for the characters to see properly. ・Due to the nature of the product, depending on the  place Gatebox is installed, it may project the reflection  of thin images on the walls or ceiling of the room. == ・These contents were published on December, 13th,  2016. ・Please be aware that Gatebox's functions and features  may be subject to change without any prior notice.